Seven Unwritten Rules of Social Media c/o Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty is an entrepreneur, author and speaker based in Silicon Valley. He also contributes to American Express OPEN Forum, where I found this gem.

Seven Unwritten Rules of Social Media

    1. Connection does not imply permission
    2. Access does not imply entitlement
    3. Activity is not productivity
    4. More is not better
    5. Reciprocation is optional
    6. Amplification without accomplishment is futile
    7. Engagement without enrichment is not effective

On his second unwritten until now rule, Setty says, “When you connect with someone on a social network and start engaging with them, you have access. Don’t assume that they owe you something because you are now engaging them on social media.”

Since many of us deal with such assumptions in our email and social channels, I don’t think it’s possible to over-emphasize that particular point.

On the forth unwritten until now rule, Setty advises, “When what you write about is a hit for some reason, you tend to end up doing more of it on social media forgetting that everything has a life cycle of its own. What’s hot today may not stay hot tomorrow and what’s hot tomorrow may not stay hot. So trying to do more of what works does not guarantee success—you need to adapt all the time.”

Again, Setty’s extreme clarity is refreshing. All things come and go, including money, success and fame. The trick is to not get stuck in any of these ego traps.

All seven of Setty’s points are spot on. Jump over to OPEN Forum to read them in their entirety.



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