Sally’s Making The Rounds

Sally Hogshead, famous copywriter, author and mom, is now one of Tom’s Cool Friends.

Who’s your target audience for this book?
SH: Great question. First, let me say who it’s not for: bureaucrats, whiners, cynics, or wimps. Anyone who cherishes linear hierarchy or traditional corporate games will hate this book.
Radical Careering is for people who want to make big things happen in their lives, in their own way. They aren’t afraid to break the rules or disregard the status quo. Most of all, they have big ideas and nerves of steel.
My research focused on the 25-to 45-year-olds, because as a group, they tend to have a much more aggressive, entrepreneurial, independent perspective on their careers. They’ve had a few years of experience, and they already know what they want out of their work. You can’t succeed by following the convention these days—Tom Peters teaches us that!—and anyone who just wants to push papers or watch the clock is going to have a really tough time of it.
They’re goners, in short?
SH: Uh-huh.

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