RSS Killers On The Loose

Wired: Blog addicts overwhelmed by information may have found their savior.
Memeorandum, which started with a focus on political blogs in 2004 and launched a technology version just weeks ago, aims to be the automated newspaper of the online world.
It attempts to solve the problem of information overload with a few smart algorithms that constantly track the hot topics in tech and politics blogs.
Memeorandum isn’t the only site trying to make sense of the real-time web. Others like digg, reddit,, newsmap and Blogniscient have similar goals, but many of these rely heavily on users voting on or submitting stories.
Memeorandum also has a fan in Nathan Torkington, an O’Reilly Media editor.
“Memeorandum is as much about aggregating reader intelligence as it is about aggregating articles,” Torkington said in an e-mail. “It’s a great step toward a tool that can turn a flood of grapes into a trickle of fine wine. Google News aggregates the editorial judgment from newspapers, but Memeorandum treats blogs and newspapers equally, which means it’s tapped into the collective zeitgeist of the net.”

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