Republican Chair of the House Budget Committee Proposes “The Path To Prosperity”

According to Fox News, Washington is buzzing about Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s take-no-prisoners approach to budget cuts — manifested in his budget proposal that would slash federal spending by $6.2 trillion over 10 years and overhaul health programs for the elderly and poor.

But it’s not just the 7th-term Congressman’s penchant for number crunching that’s drawing attention. He’s also selling his ideas like a true pitchman.

According to Fast Company, the video above took its inspiration from a BBC documentary by Swedish global health professor–and stats nerd–Hans Rosling.

“When people are talking about budgets, the audience has a tendency to doze off,” Dan Hayes of Freethink Media (the video’s producer), said. “We wanted to make the visuals compelling.”



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