Redefining The Kodak Moment For The Digital Era

Everyone knows what a “Kodak Moment” is. Or do they? In a move to give an old phrase new relevancy, Kodak is trying to redefine the Kodak moment as the moment when you share the photos you take.

Stuart Elliot of the New York Times has more:

Before, Kodak wanted consumers who experienced Kodak moments to use Brownies, Instamatics, Fun Savers or other Kodak cameras to take snapshots that would stimulate fond memories when looked at years later in albums.
The goal of the new meaning is to suggest that Kodak moments generate warm and fuzzy feelings only when photos, images and video clips are made available through social media, e-mail messages and other forms of sharing technology to parents, grandparents, friends, co-workers and even, these days, strangers.

Since many of the new Kodak cameras feature a “share” button where you can instantly upload photos to Facebook and other sites, the technology reinforces this new meaning. Still, it’ll be interesting to see if it catches on.
Full disclosure: My agency Partners + Napier created the above spot but I was not directly involved.



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