Product Love Tazmanian Tasmanian Style

People love their cars. So, it’s only natural that our ill treatment of Saab and their sorry advertising would raise the ire in Saab’s most devout brand evangelists.
Here’s what Swade, a.k.a. Steve Wade, a Saab lover from from Tazmania Tasmania has to say about us:

What a bunch of self-important, egomaniacal bufoons!
What a bunch of tossers.

We could take it personally. Swade directs his venom our way, but in reality he’s pointing to pieces we picked up from other interweb voices, and to the comments made in response. In short, he doesn’t address the ad campaign’s merits.
Ad people are talking about the ads on one hand, and car people are defending their favorite car on the other. It’s amusing, if not misdirected.



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