Postagram And Hyatt Hotels Team Up For A Consumer-Generated DM Campaign

The buzzword “consumer generated media” has gone away, as buzzwords will. But the facts remain. When brands help people do cool things, it can be a powerful approach to earning good will.

According to Adweek, something as simple as a brand-provided post card (and the postage to send it) can make a difference.

Postagram Postcards on Facebook

Through Aug. 15, Hyatt Hotels is encouraging guests to personalize up to two complimentary postcards via a Facebook app that’s available on Postagram and Hyatt House’s pages on Facebook.

The offer is aimed at guests, but anyone can use it to send two free postcards.

Chris Walker, VP of brands for Hyatt House and Hyatt Place said, the campaign helps guests “keep up with friends, colleagues and loved ones while they’re on the road, which can often be tough to do.

“Most direct mail is boring stuff,” said Matt Brezina, CEO of Sincerely, which owns Postagram. “What we are doing is different because it’s personalized. What’s more, it’s personalized by someone the recipient actually knows. It’s not just from some company.”



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