Blogging Directly

Bob Cargill, a Sudbury, Mass-based creative director, copywriter and communications strategist is stoked about the launch of two new blogs directly in his realm of expertisedirect marketing.

It was inevitable that both DIRECT and DM News would eventually establish a presence in the blogosphere, but whats the chance of two of my favorite trade publications launching their own respective blogs just days apart?
As a dyed-in-the-wool direct marketer who just so happens to write a blog, I cant help but be beside myself.
Yes, as if it wasnt exciting enough to see that DIRECT was finally blogging on Wednesday, I almost fell off my chair when less than 24 hours later DM News announced that its blog was now open for business.
Of course, the near simultaneous debut of these two blogs is more than just a coincidence. Both promise to provide extensive, live coverage of DMA.05, The Direct Marketing Associations Conference & Exhibition taking place this Saturday through next Wednesday in Atlanta, Georgia.

I want to show my cohorts in direct the respect they deserve, so it’s with all due respect that I ask, “What took you so long?” Wasn’t Bob Bly’s tumultuous entry into the bloatosphere enough proof of the fun that could be had?



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