PETA Has Its Way With The Ronald. Chickens Don’t Exactly Celebrate.

from CNN/Money: McDonald’s, the world’s number one fast-food restaurant and second-largest buyer of chicken, is studying whether to switch its chicken suppliers over to the least-cruel slaughter method, the animal rights group PETA said Tuesday.
Controlled-atmosphere killing, or CAK, is a USDA-approved method of slaughter that is described by animal welfare experts as “the most stress-free, humane method of killing poultry ever developed.” The CAK method puts the birds to sleep quickly and painlessly.
According to the animal-rights group, McDonald’s (Research) said some of its EU suppliers are already using CAK technology and a feasibility study for the U.S. will be ready this summer. A PETA spokesperson said McDonald’s is the first corporation to seriously consider CAK technology and they are hopeful that McDonald’s will spur an industry-wide shift.
McDonald’s is “committed to animal welfare leadership and to working with our suppliers and recognized experts on animal welfare issues” Anna Rozenich, a spokeswoman for the fast-food restaurateur said.

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