People Prompted To Drink More Pepsi, Drink More Pepsi

Indra Nooyi, chairman-CEO of PepsiCo, believes in advertising.

She now has some numbers to back up her thinking. According to Ad Age, PepsiCo reported a 4% drop in full-year profits in part due to increased marketing spending. But fourth-quarter profit rose 17% as the spending kicked in. Pepsi also posted 5% organic revenue growth for the quarter and year.

“We not only stepped up the level of investment in advertising and marketing, but we took steps to improve its efficiency and effectiveness by better leveraging our global scale and driving consistent brand positioning and coordinating advertising, creative and production activities,” said Nooyi.

No word on making better communications, but I don’t expect to hear those sentiments expressed by an exec in her shoes. Regardless, let’s have a look at some of Pepsi’s recent output:

Pepsi is the life of the party, it seems. Which is a tired idea. These spots also suggest that Pepsi is a disruptive force, one can that can stop time and teenagers in their tracks. I applaud the product focus, but the the story lines need work.

While Pepsi has returned to TV after some notable social media failures, the brand is still dedicated to the peoples’ channels. Witness its use of the #livefornow hashtag on Twitter.

Pepsi is also providing entertainment industry content for NFL Fans via its Pepsi Anthems project.



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