Out Of Our Minds Offers A Deep Look Into The State Of Creativity

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “Everyone is given a box of crayons in Kindergarten.” So what happens to the sense of creativity we all start out with? Can we get it back? How can we teach it? Sir Ken Robinson is a highly noted Professor and lecturer on education, creativity, and human resources. In his new book Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative, he attempts to answer many of those questions.

I’ll be honest: For a dude like me with ADD, this is not an easy book to get through. It’s quite dense and very academic in nature. But Robinson certainly knows how to make his argument. He looks at our educational system and its shortcomings in focusing on creativity, and how people can learn to hone and develop their own creative instincts.

If you’re looking for a compelling, intellectual look at the state of creativity in our society, Out of Our Minds is as good as it gets. But be prepared to go all in when you start reading. You’ll feel like you’re in a college lecture series. See Robinson’s TED lecture to get a sense of what you’re in for – without the soothing British accent.

Special thanks to Wiley for providing me with a review copy.



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