One In Ten Chinese Internet Users “Drink” Pepsi

For it’s fourth annual Creative Challenge in China, Pepsi partnered with Tencent, China’s internet giant, to effectively allow Chinese netizens the ability to twitter, blog and IM their birthday wishes to China.
Here’s a look at some of the wishes:

  • The People’s Intermediate Court as the brain, national defense as the heart, people’s livelihood as the blood, the economy as the skeleton – these four parts combine to make China!
  • As the sun rises on 60 years of tremendous change, this brilliant, ancient patriotism remains unchanged, 100 million celebrating, all Chinese filled with pride.
  • My country, a long time ago you were just an egg, hiding inside a shell; then you hatched into a chicken, allowing yourself to be trampled; but now you have grown into a rooster, high-spirited, bold and brave!

The campaign received nearly 34 million entries, over 17 million of which resulted from Pepsi’s use of, the Twitter-like site, for submissions. This represents an increase of nearly 6 million entries from the previous year.
“Pepsi is always looking to raise the bar in terms of consumer engagement. Back in 2006 we realized that young Chinese are increasingly looking to the online space to connect with brands,” concluded Chris Tung, Vice President of Pepsi brand Marketing, Greater China region.
In 2006, Pepsi asked consumers to create a 200-word Pepsi TVC script featuring Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou. The campaign received 28,000 scripts and 5 million online votes were cast.



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