On Bloom’s Bullshit Meter (A Place You Don’t Want To Be)

Joseph Jaffe, President and Chief Interrupter at Crayon, on the changes his company is undergoing:

crayon relaunches itself today as a conversational marketing company, specializing in helping its clients engage advertising-weary consumers through the power of community, dialogue and partnership. Think of crayon as a cross between a think tank and a strategic consultancy, with one major difference. Unlike most (if not all) consultancies, crayon won’t flee the scene of the crime once the 600 page report is dumped on the Mahogany desk of the CEO. Instead, crayon will stay the course, and if asked and required, will help bring the strategies and ideas to life.

News of which caused Ad Age’s Jonah Bloom to have a fit.

Let us go through this slowly. Somewhere in there are thoughts, and they are leading to something. They are also thoughts that are very productive, hence we can call them prolific. And there’s also vision, although we’re not sure whether that’s prolific too. So we’ve got the ability to see and thoughts that lead stuff and are productive. But we presume it’s not stuff we want, because the new Crayon is, if we’re reading this correctly, promising to change that stuff into something else. Specifically into solutions. But not just any kind of solutions — solutions with sharp or serrated sides . . . . OK, we give up.

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