Ogilvy On Recession

If you’re looking for tips on how to be a lean, mean marketing machine in the current downturn, who better to provide that advice than a global agency that’s owned by a conglomerate? A new website, Ogilvy On Recession, offers downloadable booklets and advice on what companies need to do to survive in tough times.
Bernama.com has more:

“The series of seven booklets highlight strategies and tactics across different marketing disciplines that illustrate how clients can support and build their brands during these uncertain economic times.
“While some companies do face real cash-flow issues, the opportunity to win market share through smarter marketing investment is open to most. Companies that come out of this recession ahead of their competitors will be those that see it as an opportunity,” said Tim Issac, chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific.

I’m sure there’s some good advice in there, but I’m also pretty sure that giving away advice for free is not a good way for a huge-overhead agency like Ogilvy to survive a downturn. Although you do have to give your personal contact information before you can download anything, so it’s a new business tool as well.



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