Objections, Objectives, and Objectivists

These days, we seem to be living in a world of black and white. There are no shades of gray. Particularly in politics. So I found this video particularly powerful, as it addresses the religious beliefs of Objectivist Ayn Rand, who has a rather devoted following among many conservatives:

It’s a case of selective editing, to be sure, but it makes a powerful case that Ayn Rand was an atheist, unlike the majority of her supporters.

In this world where everything gets captured on video and can get edited, remixed and spread in minutes, we’re going to see more clips, commercials and other content that slices and dices a person’s words to prove a point.

Beyond politics, brands won’t be immune to this sort of editing technique from people who like a brand, or people who don’t like a brand and/or the corporation behind it. We’d better get used to this level of stridency.



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