Noblesse Oblige

After reading Danah’s study regarding the role of gender in web site design, Halley wonders why Dooce chooses not to link to her readers who maintain blogs of their own. My guess in Dooce’s case is it may have been a design decision, since her blog is one of the cleanest on the web.
Other A-listers who do not maintain blog rolls include Ben Hammersely,
Seth Godin and Lawrence Lessig. There’s nothing wrong with this choice, and it certainly prevents the awkward, “Will you please link to me” emails, which come in a bit too regularly for our tastes. Yet, the decision not to link does lend a certain aloofness to the abstaining bloggers.
It’s important to note that incoming links effect a site’s Google rank and Technorati ran–no trivial matter.

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