Need Some Sin? Call The Vice Squad Agency

I’ve always believed that ad agencies are way too generalized: that they don’t have a point of view or specialty, whether it’s the type of work they do or clients they pursue.
My guess is that the new Dallas-based Vice Squad Agency won’t have that problem.
Pegasus News has more:

Gambling, Alcohol and the Adult Industry comprise an enormous portion of our economy, yet there is not a single advertising agency catering to their needs – until now. We believe there are vast opportunities to both create solid creative work and help businesses in these sectors reach their full potential. Furthermore, many companies in “vice”-related industries haven’t had the benefit of professional marketing services and stand to see dramatic increases in sales and profits by utilizing marketing tactics utilized by mainstream companies.

I’ve worked on some of this stuff, so I’ll be interested in how the Vice Squad Agency fares. I found that clients in these types of businesses, on a personal level, tend to be very, uh, ethically-challenged. Which can really try your patience. On the other hand, many of them have loads of cash and are all too happy to spend it on marketing, which is a very good thing in profit-starved agencies.



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