More Crying About Cut And Paste Blogging

You can add Piers Fawkes to the list of bloggers who believe their precious content ought not to be lifted, except in small parts.

Thanks again for referencing our site with the Hit Parking piece. I do enjoy the spread of ideas featured on PSFK, but I do find that the complete cut and paste of one of our articles to be very lazy. Could you not have posted an extract or rewritten the item in your own voice?
Not only does it go against copyright but also think of the writer in India who spent time researching and writing that piece to put on PSFK.
Amend the post or I will make my thoughts on the matter public.

Cool Business Ideas clearly links back to PSFK, so once again I fail to see the problem.
Bottom line, your blog can be whatever you want it to be. While there are A-list bloggers, there is no central committee and no prescribed rules of engagement. If you want your site to be about what you’re reading (not writing), then so be it.
[UPDATE] Piers has taken down both his original “I’m going to call you out now” post, and the second one he made about how trivial it was of me to defend Cool Business. While his desire to be the bigger man is understandable, it doesn’t jive with his “join the conversation or bugger off” schtick.



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