Monday Meditation: Beyond Social Media, There Is Social Production

John Willshire, Head of Innovation at PHD Media in London asks, “How do you socialize production?” He says the answers to this question add up to a new “blueprint for the communications industry.” His point is we need to stop searching for the one big idea that can be communicated in a mass channel. In its place will be lots and lots of ideas all through the company, that bring customers into product development and other aspects of a client’s business.

At the end of the slideshow, Willshire argues that the communications industry has already experienced the impact of social; therefore, we’re uniquely prepared to help clients with the coming changes.
There may be many companies today that have zero intention of ever sharing the inner workings of its culture or process with customers. But the thing is once people get used to being co-creatives on the making of the company’s ads and its products, the genie is out of the bottle. In the future, it’s possible that companies that keep their walls up, will be seen as isolationists, and non-caring entities, and who wants to do business with those kind of characters?
[via Faris Yakob]



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