Michael Vick, The Face Of A Brand, Is Indicted. What Now?

Here in Atlanta, it’s the biggest story going:
Michael Vick’s indictment for allegedly running a dog-fighting operation is the talk of the town. Why? Because he’s the $130 million man for the Falcons. The face of the franchise. And he’s equally loved and hated around here. He’s put butts into seats, brought excitement to a team that never had much, but hasn’t quite lived up to his potential.
And now all this.
He’s innocent until proven guilty. But Michael Vick’s endorsement deals are fading away. And if you’re the Atlanta Falcons, do you take a wait and see attitude or do you cut him loose?
Either way, the team’s brand takes a hit. If they suspend or release Vick, the fans that go to games just to see him may stop going and revenue falls. Or if he stays, lots of folks may boycott the Falcons in protest. If you were in the Falcons MARKETING department, what would you want to see happen here?



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