Merging With the Infinite

David Armano is VP, Experience Design for Critical Mass and he has a new theory. He believes we will move from multiple connected touchpoints to infinite touch points.

I am fairly certain that we are moving toward a time where the way we interact with brands and their products and services will seem infinite.
Maybe, just maybe—each time we have any interaction with a brand’s product or service we’ll create a mental note of how that experience felt. If touch points become infinite—or just seem that way, then the opportunity for deeper levels of a relationship become possible.
But only if the infinite touch points succeed in reaching that ideal “iiquid state of flow”—or at least make it feel that way to the end user, consumer or participant.

Thankfully, The Kaiser has another read and delivers it in the comments: “I think that during the next 20 years we will learn to avoid and negate brand touch points and experiences. I believe that these touch points will become so “average” that we will learn to opt out and ignore them.”



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