Men, Women, And The Ads They View

An article in Ad Age highlights some of the differences between men and women while shopping for electronics:

This just in: Men and women shop differently. Shopping for a big-screen TV is an exciting process for men, who definitely find it easier than shopping for groceries or shoes. For women, it’s stress-inducing and requires careful consideration and research.
Men and women also had opposite shopping styles. Women tended to go to a specific brand first and then look at products, while men decided what product they wanted before beginning to review the brand choices. Brand reputation was important to 58% of women, but only 42% of men.

This leads me to an interesting question: Has anyone studied how men and women view ads differently? Awards shows tend to reward the male hipster attitude-laden ads, so don’t go by what wins awards to determine what really works on men and women. Are there visual or verbal cues that work better? I know we all don’t think alike. Have you encountered any of this difference when evaluating work in your agency?



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