Marketing Hyperbole Is The Absolute Worst Thing Ever

At AdPulp, we’re competing for attention and eyeballs. So I’m quote conscious of the fact that when we write something, the title gets shared on sites like Twitter. If the title isn’t provocative, it won’t get clicked on.

That kind of fear has driven marketing gurus and guru-wannabes to dial up the hype of their own posts and proclamations.

Anyone who’s studied a bit of early and mid 20th century advertising history knows that mindless puffery and hyperbole is part of the industry’s DNA. “New! Better than ever! Now with 20% more magical ingredients!”

Supposedly, through the years advertising professionals got smarter, the audience got savvier, and the work became more genuine. Fewer and fewer people believe the empty-minded claims brands make when declaring superiority over their competitors. So it’s hard for me to comprehend why we perpetuate so much business-related hype when we talk amongst ourselves. Why do we feel the need to scream so loud all the time?

It’s the subject of my new column on Talent Zoo. Which will change the ad industry forever, guaranteed.



About Dan Goldgeier

Dan Goldgeier is a Seattle-based freelance copywriter with experience at advertising agencies across the U.S. He is a graduate of the Creative Circus ad school, and currently teaches at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts. Dan is also a columnist for and the author of View From The Cheap Seats and Killer Executions and Scrubbed Decks.