This March, Use Interactive Game 13 Unbracketed To Boost The Madness

Editor’s note: My friend and colleague, Gale Venosdel, has convinced me to re-emerge here to help spread the word about his new online game, 13 Unbracketed. As someone who knows just how much a side-project can mean to an ad guy (and how much work goes into one), I could not resist his request.

March Madness is coming. Get ready with 13 Unbracketed, a new interactive game that offers a compelling alternative to the traditional brackets for the Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

To raise money and increase awareness for the new game, Lucky 13 Unbracketed has launched a a Kickstarter project. If you love round ball and gaming, give 13 Unbracketed a try. Supporters on Kickstarter can play for as little as $5.

“When March comes around, everyone is a basketball fan,” said Gale Venosdel, the game’s creator. “However, most people who play the traditional brackets usually have a busted bracket after the first round. Unfortunately, the brackets don’t deliver on the greatness of the tournament. But 13 Unbracketed does. It’s a strategic, yet simple game that allows you and your friends to stay engaged throughout the tournament. It’s unique scoring system and dynamic social platform make it the game that fans of the tournament deserve.”

Backers of the Kickstarter project can select from various levels of participation, with rewards ranging from the opportunity to join a Public League, or run their own Private League where they can invite friends and family to play along. Other rewards include 13 Unbracketed memorabilia like posters, t-shirts, and hats.

Lucky 13 Unbracketed LLC, is seeking to raise $6000 by March 12, 2014. If funds are raised, the backers will have early access to the closed beta launch which is accessible exclusively through Kickstarter.

Funds will help with programming and other costs associated with the launch. The company plans to offer a free version of 13 Unbracketed on Facebook for the 2015 tournament.

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