Making Entrepreneurialism A Healthy Endeavor

Like everyone else, I’ve been viewing this health insurance debate through the lens of my own experience. Having moved 7 times to 5 states in 12 years, and having both full-time jobs and freelance ones, I am completely convinced that at the very least, health insurance and employment shouldn’t be tied together as they currently are.
Over at Please Feed The Animals Greg Thomas looks at the entrepreneur spirit and why our healthcare system may be holding it back:

Yes, credit is tight, but the the shift toward a marketplace of ideas and the technology available to people has made it generally more possible for anybody, anywhere to be an entrepreneur. You see that in the economic data, where small business is still the fastest growing segment of the economy. So just imagine the explosion of entrepreneurialism we might see if healthcare ceased to be a concern for people.
I’m not sure if our Senators and Congressmen have taken into account what kind of effect a surge like that might have on pulling us out of this downturn, but I am sure that the growl of the collective Animals on the matter could get some attention. And I am sure that this is not about Reds or Blues. It’s more personal than that. It’s about you and what kind of life you want to live. So let them know. If you would take the plunge if you knew you and your family had health coverage, let them know that. Tell them to get off the dime and get it done. And tell them there are a lot of you, waiting to pull the economy up.

While all sorts of interest groups are chipping in their 2 billion cents in this debate, small business owners, freelancers and the other members of the so-called “creative class” are virtually unrepresented.



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