Let Words Work For You. Let Them Be Your Friend.

Todd at The Bullshit Observer dug up some wonderful thinking from a premier actor in one of his old concepting journals.

MALKOVICH: We’re incredibly inarticulate, as a culture. We don’t really like language; I think we have a fundamental distrust of it. It probably has something to do with the fact that, to a great extent, ours is a culture of image and we find language pretentious, difficult, time-consuming, and wholly unpleasant. Of course, I’m not describing everyone, but generally, speaking to be articulate, to articulate your ideas clearly, evocatively and fully intelligently, is not thought to be a wise skill to cultivate.

Maybe this is why writers are so difficult, or more to the point, why I can be so difficult. Writers are misunderstood in this culture, or worse, marginalized. Yet writers are the very people with a lot to say, so one can see the tension in the situation.



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