Kraft Gets Crafty – “Owns” Colbert

Last month, when Bob Garfield said Miracle Whip’s new attitude was “Che Guevara in a Jar,” no one really noticed.
But Stephen Colbert is another story. Colbert took Miracle Whip to task and even made a competitive commercial on behalf of real mayonnaise just to rub condiment in Miracle Whip’s eye.

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Well, Miracle Whip and their agency McGarry Bowen aren’t taking this comedic insult lying down. No, they’ve crafted a written response and placed it in several newspapers across the land.
The brand also bought every commercial slot on Colbert’s show last night.
Miracle Whip hopes Colbert will “begin to see the soft, bland white walls of the mayo empire begin to collapse under the weight of its own whipped-egg pretentiousness.”
The Chicago Tribune neatly points out that what’s lost in the mayo bashing is the fact that Kraft, who owns Miracle Whip, is also one of the country’s two main mayonnaise manufacturers.



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