Keep Your Tweetstream Clean

Nat Ives of Ad Age reports that large media companies are looking at ways to make money from the work they’ve done building an audience on social sites like Twitter.
Companies are considering the paid Tweet route, but are on the fence about the idea. In the meantime…

The New York Times Online has started selling packages of ads that appear specifically for visitors who arrive through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Advertisers can buy certain shares of such readers, typically around 25%, so a page receiving a million visitors via social media would show a participating marketer’s ad to 250,000 of them.

That’s seems like a winning idea. Keep your Tweetstream clean, which will help ease a certain percentage of people over the falls and into the calm waters of your base site.
By the way, @nytimes has 2,251,280 followers on Twitter at this moment in time.



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