Keep Cool With Cold Light

As an adult beverage marketer intent on “owning cold,” it’s best to have some solid data to back up your strategy. Come in with some proof that cold matters. According to The Denver Post, Golden’s largest brewer has this data in hand.

A Coors Light survey of more than 1,500 men ages 21 to 44 found that nearly 75 percent would rather have air conditioning in their homes during a heat wave than win a date with a supermodel.
More than 44 percent said having a cold drink is their favorite way to cool off, while 38 percent preferred to be immersed in a pool filled with ice-cold beer instead of a pool filled with ice.
When the mercury soars, some men – you know who you are – sport bags of ice on their heads or freeze their clothes before wearing them. And if the wives out there – embarrassed by ice-bag-sporting husbands at Wal-Mart – are wondering why the lawn isn’t as well-kept as it was a few months ago, there’s this Coors finding: His least favorite hot-weather activity is mowing the lawn.

With that, it’s now safe for the Cold Light team to get back to work and allocate more dollars to convince American men that Cold Light never, ever gets warm.



About David Burn

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