It’s Time For CareerBuilder To Fire Its Agency Again

Well, this year’s CareerBuilder spot finished in the middle of the pack on the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter.

Here’s more background on CareerBuilder from the Wall Street Journal.
The middle of the pack in the Ad Meter? A 5.15, fully 3.72 points behind the freakin’ Clydesdales? This is totally unacceptable. Heads will roll. A complete utter failure, right? Because to CareerBuilder, its ranking on the USA Today Ad Meter is all that matters.
CORRECTION: I just noticed there were 2 CareerBuilder spots in the Super Bowl. The spot above received a 5.64. Another spot called “Firefly” received the 5.15. So there’s only 3.09 difference between the Heart spot and 1st Place. That 0.49 makes a huge difference to CareerBuilder, of course. Maybe Wieden won’t get fired after all.



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