Imagine If You Didn’t Need A New Phone, Or Laptop, Or Desktop, Or Router. Ever!

Ed Cotton of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners is thinking big thoughts again. This time about sustainability and what brands might do to radically embrace it.

…although a whole industry exists to refurbish, re-sell and repair old products, it’s not branded and at the forefront of the brand experience. If brands were to get behind it and support and create the infrastructure, it would create a whole new brand relationship.
From the onset, consumers would be looking for brands through a different lens; they would be thinking about a lifetime of experience, they would be looking for reliability, for service skills and for the technological know-how to update when required.

Cotton started thinking about these ideas after learning how BMW is dedicated to servicing the 600,000 classic BMW cars still on the road today.
Imagine if Apple felt that way about their expensive devises. It’s easy to imagine, but hard to conceive.



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