If This Was The Mormon Church We’d Take 10% Of Your Earnings

We have 49 days left in our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Which means I’m going to continue to bring it up and ask for help. To do otherwise, to fall back into a “this isn’t really working” posture, is not acceptable to me. I don’t want to get all up in your face, but the need to be direct with this ask and to restate our case is plainly evident.

I might be wrong, but I feel that we’ve earned the right to ask you for a little help at this point (six and half years and over 9063 posts in). AdPulp is updated daily with what I feel are the best stories of the day for people in advertising and marketing. You can tell me it’s not worth paying for all you want. I disagree. And this disagreement is changing the way I think about this site. There is a community of readers here–you’re one of them–that benefits directly form our labor. For some, our content is a quick break from the work day. For others, it is material for the classroom and/or next brainstorm session. If you agree that there is value here, I ask you to please take a minute right now to support us with your hard-earned money.

Why bust out the wallet for AdPulp? I can think of a few reasons…

1) An investment here is absolutely going to deliver precious ROI.
2) Paid content is the future and you don’t want to be caught dwelling in the past.
3) Right now, I’m in a bit of a mood about the lack of support for this campaign — but YOU can change that!
4) Writers deserve to be paid for their work and we will use your contribution to pay writers.
5) It’ll make you feel good.
6) It will help connect you to the AdPulp brand and the people behind it.
7) We will be eternally grateful for your support and send you a card on your birthday every year from now on (when D.O.B. is provided with your contribution).

The fact is we are migrating to a paid content model. At this early stage, we’re asking for voluntary contributions. I understand that voluntary is not nearly as motivating as mandatory. What do I need to say, help us out here or we can’t continue producing the site? I’ll tell you what I will say…the idea that we will go on producing this site for free forever is a flawed concept. There’s a place for free and there’s a place for paid. AdPulp offers a unique perspective on an important industry. Ergo, it’s a place for paid.

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