How Long Before Your Client Asks For A Flog?

Online Media Daily reports that Sony released a statement yesterday acknowledging that their blog was phony. They have yet to admit how lame the stunt was.
What I always wonder in these situations is where was the agency’s head? Was it their idea? Did they counsel vigorously against it?
The article brings to light a possible answer. This comment was made by a person claiming to be a Zipatoni executive:

“Please know that we approached the client initially with this scenario (the backlash) and they said ‘who cares if people find out? As long as it is funny, we do this stuff all of the time,'” the poster wrote.

The site has been removed from its server and will no longer offend gamers.
According to a report in Wired magazine, Sony’s PSP has been in hot water before over fake viral promotions. Last year, the company was criticized for hiring graffiti artists in major cities to paint murals of kids playing with the handheld. In some cases, angry artists painted their criticisms over the ads, writing “Get out of my city,” and “advertising directed at your counter-culture.”

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