Google’s Special Algorithms Now Available On YouTube’s À La Carte Menu

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on the lengths YouTube is going to help make Toyota’s wishes comes true.
The car maker paid $4 million for a new destination on the site, dubbed “Best in Jest.” Special algorithms created by YouTube find up-and-coming comedy videos on the site each week and feature them in Toyota’s designated space. “Best in Jest” rolls out next week.
Toyota also is sponsoring a sketch-comedy contest on the site called “Sketchies,” where users can post funny videos with the chance to win as much as $25,000.
The article also mentions something called a contest-maker program, which pops out custom-made contests.
“The contest platform is like an empty vessel for a great creative idea,” says Jamie Byrne, client solutions lead for YouTube.
Here’s LisaNova explaining the Sketchies 2 contest rules.

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