Good Google

Google is an exciting company. Every week the geeks are up to something something new and good. This week in Google, the search and advertising giant announced it will enter the sustainable energy market and make a bid for wireless spectrum, opening a path to the gPhone and a new, more open (and internet-like) consumer option in mobile.
Ad Age has the mobile story:

Google will enter an upcoming auction for a wireless spectrum, which, if it wins, would allow the search giant to join cable and phone companies as a third provider of local internet access and cellular phone service.

The spectrum is available thanks to the transition from analog to digital TV. The deadline for entering the bidding is Dec. 3; the auction begins Jan. 24, 2008.
CNNMoney has the power story:

Call it Google Power & Light.
The Web’s No. 1 search company said on Tuesday that it will spend tens — if not hundreds — of millions of dollars developing electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind that could be used by it and other companies and consumers worldwide.
Google, famous for its “do no evil” mantra, aims to find a replacement for coal, which provides more than 40% of the nation’s energy but also produces large amounts of carbon dioxide and other pollutants that contribute to global warming.

I love how Google pursues the business of producing goods and services and thus wealth, while balancing the need to serve humanity. It can be done, albeit imperfectly.



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