From The Ground On Down

Red Ink is running an interesting piece on Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program.

Reuse-A-Shoe is a key component of Nike’s long-term commitment to waste elimination by helping to close the loop on the life cycle of literally millions of pairs of old, worn-out or otherwise unusable athletic shoe material.
Nike Grind Rubber, from outsoles and manufacturing byproduct, goes into baseball and soccer fields, as well as golf products, weight room flooring and running tracks.
Nike Grind Foam, from midsoles, is used in synthetic basketball courts, tennis courts and playground surfacing.
Nike Grind Upper Fabric, from textile and leather uppers is used for padding under hardwood basketball floors.

Red Ink surmises, “Nike’s working on fading some of the black marks on their human-rights record by becoming a beacon of environmental consciousness.”
For a company based in Oregon (and one with seemingly unrelenting P.R. problems), I would expect nothing less.



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