Financial Literacy Made Into Kid’s Stuff By World’s Greatest Investor

Forbes: Why should grownups be the only ones getting the good investment advice?
Warren Buffett, a.k.a. the Oracle of Omaha, has signed on to do an animated children’s TV program called The Secret Millionaire’s Club. The show, which is being produced by DIC Entertainment of Burbank, Calif., will focus on financial literacy–hoping no doubt to stave off the poor money choices of later life. In the short run, it may keep a few more coins in the piggy bank.
Now if you’re worrying that Buffett is becoming one of those have-your-people-call-my-people, glam-Hollywood types, relax. DIC Entertainment apparently finds much of the voice-over talent for its other kids’ shows in Buffett’s home town.
And it should be noted that the DIC deal is not the billionaire investor’s only appearance in cartoon form: His life became the subject of a Japanese manga, translated into English and published by John Wiley in 2004. The Japanese cartoon honor has been bestowed on only a few business icons, to wit, Microsoft Chairman (and Buffett bridge partner) Bill Gates and Carlos Ghosn, chief executive of Renault and Nissan Motor.
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