Feed Your Style Diet

Diet Coke is investing in lifestyle content via their new Style Series.
According to Ad Age, the first episode in the series went down like this:

Filmed in Times Square, the series debut featured a performance from R&B singer Robin Thicke, the exclusive premiere of Rihanna’s new e-film for Gucci, and an interview with designer Cynthia Rowley. Hosted by Josh Zepps and Rachel Zalis, former West Coast editor of Glamour, the series was simultaneously broadcast on the Nasdaq and Reuters electronic billboards in Times Square, on Diet Coke’s website and through online video banners across more than 75 video sites (including YouTube, InStyle.com and Yahoo). Viewers outside the Thomson Reuters building could use their mobile phones to listen to audio from the live broadcast, which was estimated to reach 1.5 million people based on average daily foot traffic in Times Square.

Celebrity endorsement? Check.
Branded content? Check.
Live event? Check.
Online video party? Check.
Mobile application? Check.
These Diet Coke people are good.
Hold it, did I speak too soon? I can’t play the videos on DietCoke.com. Live event coverage is great, but it’s imperative to archive properly. I imagine they’re still editing the live segments for our enjoyment, but you’ve got to move F-A-S-T today.



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