Farley Returns To Drive Traffic To Lame Website

An ad campaign for Prometa, a medical treatment program for addicts, features deceased comedian Chris Farley as a silent spokesperson. A few days ago, Farley’s face appeared on a billboard on the Sunset Strip with the caption “It wasn’t his fault.” Here’s the banner ad version:
My only disconnect is the Prometa website. It is timid, antiseptic and eerily like every other pharmaceutical-type site ever made. (It’s utter lack of originality reminds me of the line from Adaptation when Nicholas Cage advises his alter ego to “see every horror movie ever made for examples”).
Prometa is clearly proud of its advertising. Why don’t they go all the way and infuse their website, sales materials, etc. with the provocative energy of the Farley campaign? For example, what about a “virtual world” campaign in which we get to see what life would be like if our heroes, loved ones, children and friends did not suffer and die from drug addiction? At any rate, try someting other than the standard rotation of stock image photos. Play up the benefit, boys! If your product works, it could change the world.
P.S. Farley’s family got 25K for use of his image. A modest sum in my opinion. Watch Farley’s brother on the Today Show and judge for yourself.



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