Ego A Driving Factor In Car Purchases

It seems those crazy kids in Coconut Grove are inventing new ways to sell VWs on a daily basis. The new tool in the automaker’s belt is a co-creation site called Ego Index, where consumers rate cars and everyday items for the ego they emit. For instance, anchovies, came in at 50, which is a neutral rating on a 1-to-100 scale. Apparently, anchovies emit no ego.
Here’s how a CP+B copywriter describes the concept:

Each and every one of us deals with ego emissions every single day. Because nearly everything we do, say, use, touch or see – emits ego. A pair of jeans emits ego. So does a mohawk. Saying “‘sup dawg?” emits ego. As does the color white. The city of Wichita. And the vegetable known as “asparagus.” But who’s to say how much ego these items emit? We will figure it out together. Through this web site we will democratically determine the ego-emissions index for almost everything.

[via Random Culture]



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