Dressing The Part At Sears

Chicago Sun Times: Some Sears salespeople may now dress in any color they want — as long they wear Sears clothes.
Salespeople in apparel, jewelry and accessories departments can tear off those dull black or white pullovers and black or tan pants — which they could get from any store — and replace them with colorful Sears duds, starting today, according to an internal memo.
Men may pick their colorful clothes from Sears’ brands such as Lands’ End, Covington, Structure, Dockers and Arrow.
Women have a wider selection, including lines such as Apostrophe, A-Line, Latina Life, First Issue, Belongings and c.l.o.t.h.e.s.
The new dress code comes a week after Sears’ new CEO, Aylwin Lewis, ordered employees to prove their loyalty by no longer bringing rival stores’ shopping bags, packages or anything advertising competitors’ logos onto Sears Holdings property.



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