Crap On A Stick, Cont.

Why, why, why?
Yahoo! is launching a new ad campaign and from the looks of it, it’s terrible. Naturally, Elisa Steele, Yahoo’s EVP & Chief Marketing Officer doesn’t see it that way. She ill-advisedly tries to sell her shit kabons on Yodel Anecdotal, a company blog.

This is much more than an advertising campaign. It’s our promise to you that your life online will become more personal and more meaningful with Yahoo!. We believe we offer the only Web experience that converges your personal world and the world at large to create integrated, personally relevant experiences.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry, but this self-congratulatory drivel makes me scream.
The ad is not believable. And the client’s belief in it is insulting. The Internet is not under new management. It’s the same mess it was this morning when I left it to go to the Oregon Coast for the day. And Yahoo! will have nothing whatsoever to do with my online life becoming “more personal and more meaningful.”
I have a Yahoo! account for one reason–Flickr demands it. Otherwise, no. Google handed Yahoo it’s ass several years ago, and no poorly conceived ad is going to make that right for Yahoo!



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