Combo Number Two: Deep Fried Fan Fiction from DQ

I like Barkley. The Kansas City agency is one of the best in the nation.

Sadly, I can’t support the agency’s current work for DQ. “At Dairy Queen, we don’t make fast food. This is fan food,” the commercials announce. Boom! Wink!

Fan food? What is that? Is that the stuff commonly called food that is readily available at concerts and baseball games?

No. According to this faux testimonial, fan food is the good stuff — particularly DQ’s crispy chicken strips basket.

“They call it whole tenderloin. I call it hashtag delicious.” Language of this sort can make grown men cry or cringe.

In related news, Burger King in Norway shed 30,000 fair-weather fans in an interesting social media promotion.

BK Norway recognized that many of its 38,000 Facebook fans weren’t real fans at all. So, the brand offered free Big Macs to identify the fast food drifters and get rid of them.

Burger King lost 30,000 followers as a result, but says its new fan base of 8,000 are more engaged and interact with the brand in a more positive way.



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