College World Series Is Ideal Venue For NCAA’s Real Time Marketing

The NCAA College World Series wrapped up last night at TD America Park in Omaha. New national champion, Vanderbilt beat Virginia 3-2 on the strength of a dramatic 8th inning home run from John Norwood.

Sporting events of this magnitude offer marketers fantastic opportunities to communicate value to a highly engaged TV audience. But how does a fan capture a moment in the game and share it with others who love baseball? Not the next day. Right now!

Answer: fans turn to the NCAA’s CWS account on Twitter, where lovingly created snapshots of the action are captured in real time and posted for all to see, share, bookmark and/or repurpose.

The images above were rendered in real time by the NCAA social media team. They came to the ballpark with readymade graphics and a template, yet they had to work live elements into this static framework, and they did so in rapid succession.

Take a look at the @NCAACWS stream from last night. There’s a solid mix of straight images and text, along with the ad-like posts I highlighted above. The posts above got my attention because they have a collectible quality, kind of like baseball cards.



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