Cliff Freeman Is Still Around

A bunch of years ago, Creativity Magazine used to feature the “Cliff Freeman Komedy Korner.” They’re not as talked about as they used to be, but they’re trying to get back in the groove:

Tom Christmann, the agency’s recently appointed Executive Creative Director and heir-apparent to ueber-creative Cliff Freeman himself, has strengthened his creative team of 20+ with new talent.
“We believe at the agency that the term ‘creative’ is really short for ‘creative that solves a business problem,'” said Mr. Christmann. “As pop culture has continued to shift from mass market TV to niche market online, interactive experiences, CFP has assembled a strong roster of ‘hybrid’ creative talent with a proven ability to plan and deliver creative that drives awareness, relevance, trial and revenue.”

That’s a pretty straitlaced statement for a shop that used to consistently bring the funny. I guess keeping relevant is no laughing matter. The agency also has new clients such as Quizno’s, Baskin-Robbins, and Bonefish Grill.
They have a way with fast food. Here’s the spot that made Cliff famous:



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