Chicago’s Urbanscape And A Beatles’ Cover Encourage The Irish To Drink American Swill

All Together Now is Budweiser’s new campaign for the Irish market, which is sort of odd, since the spot directed by Chris Palmer is so very Chicago.
Here’s what the brand is saying about the shoot itself:

This was a remarkably complex shoot as the Chicago metro-rail train had to both follow the usual mass-transit system time table, and go at precise speeds that mimicked the pace of the song. As the train trundles along, scenes appear outside the window that match perfectly the song lyrics. Each ‘lyric’ — 30 in all — coincided precisely with the train´s schedule. It was a logistical challenge to say the least. Did we mention it was cold too? Chicago-style cold! Actors were outside for up to 10 hrs a day in the freezing temperatures, often in costumes that provided little warmth. As such there was almost an entire crew of people dedicated to keeping the actors warm with blankets, thermoses and portable heaters. We couldn’t have done it without the people of Chicago. They invited actors into their homes and offered them some shelter from the bitter weather during shoot down time. In the end the whole shoot turned out to be an “All Together” experience.
Then there was the band, The Hours, who were able to find time in between touring to re-record a version of the Beatles classic specifically for this ad. The band did the recording in their hotel room using, at one point, a fire extinguisher as an instrument. Needing a little extra percussion, they donged the fire extinguisher off a metal heater to produce a unique sound.

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