Does The Freelance Economy Improve Advertising?

I’ve worked at full-time jobs and also had long stretches as a freelancer. And as I wrote on Talent Zoo not long ago, more and more ad agencies are making the use of freelancers or permalancers a normal way of doing business. Writing on PandoDaily, site founder Sarah Lacy explores the flip side of our […]

Are We Too Busy For Business Etiquette?

Over at Talent Zoo today, there’s a great column by someone who calls himself “The Inside Man” bemoaning what nearly every job seeker in advertising (and probably outside of it) runs up against: People who simply don’t respond to job inquiries. Were they so busy they couldn’t respond? Was I such a lousy candidate that […]

Hiring a Web Developer

Corporate 3 Design, my “day job,” is has an opening for a web developer. If you are looking for a new challenge, and feel the Midwest is an ideal location for you, take a look at the description and submit your resume: Corporate 3 Design: Web Developer Thanks. Now back to our usual content.

Wanna Vent About Your Book? Say F*** It

Since I began my Talent Zoo column in 2002, I’ve been struck by how many people emailed me to say, “I thought I was the only one who felt that way.” The rise of blogs and social networks has allowed people to vent and share their stories in all sorts of ways. Frustrated creative jobseekers […]

The Press Gets To Vent

Think you’re having a rough time of it in the ad biz? Well, you might feel better by peeking at According to the awesome journalists at The website was created by a former journalist who cut short his young career in the news business to work in political communications in Illinois. But he […]