Labor Prices Fluctuate Like Gold

Agencies are not exactly seen as paragons of innovation, but there are some smart people working to change that. Portland agency Fight, for instance, has introduced variable pricing, a simple concept based on supply (of their time) and demand (for their time). How Fight varies their rate is explained in detail on their site, but […]

Money Versus Creativity: A Conflict That Needn’t Be

Steve Henry, writing for Brand Republic, says most agencies these days put profit above creativity, which is totally obvious but worth saying nonetheless. Bill Bernbach famously said “a principle isn’t a principle until it costs you money” – but most of the current wave of agencies would point out that time is money and they […]

Time For A Raise

Talking about how much money you make has been taboo for as long as I can remember. But we live in a different time today. A time of radical transparency. I don’t know if that’s what led social media consultants Mack Collier and Chris Brogan to post their rates, but what drove them to do […]

For A Small Retainer, You Can Have Lab Rats Chew On Your Marcom Problems

Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting on a new business model for Work Labs, the agency led by Cabell Harris. The article describes Work Labs’ compensation model and their outsourced talent pool. Harris will ask clients to pay his agency a small retainer each quarter. For that retainer, Work Labs will present new marketing ideas to clients […]

Actually, Talk Isn’t Cheap

Scott Ginsberg, a.k.a. “That Guy with the Nametag,” has some interesting things to say about offering free advice. I used to allow people to “pick my brain.” For free. For hours at a time. For years. And what I began to notice was, after every session, people walked away excited, inspired and grateful for the […]

Hourly Rates To Match The Colossal Egos

According to Ad Age, the 4As conducted a compensation study at more than 230 marketing agencies of varying sizes, geographies and specialties. A chief creative based in the New York Metro area billed an average of $751 an hour last year — more than double what a chief creative in other parts of the Eastern […]

Coke and P&G Say “Jump”

Coca-Cola and P&G are rewriting the rules of agency compensation. According to Ad Age, Coke disclosed its plans at the Association of National Advertisers Financial Management Conference in Phoenix last week, saying it wanted to nudge the industry into adopting value-based models as a standard practice. Under its new model, Coke will determine the value […]