Car Dealer Pushes The Metal–And The Boundaries

O.C. Welch, the owner of a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership in Hardeeville, SC, is clearly fighting for his livelihood. His new radio spots spell it out:

From WTOC in Savannah:

Saturday, five radio spots began running. One is titled, “Wake Up America.”
“One thing I wanna ask you, with those Japanese cars. Even when they are brand new, how come they don’t smell like a new car? They are rice ready, not road ready,” Welch says in the commercial.
“I don’t think it’s going too far. It’s reality and I think we need a reality check,” Welch told WTOC today.

But what’s really interesting is that Welch is also not afraid to go after the Mecca of the Heartland, Wally World, a place where his customers surely shop:

“When will you Wal-mart shoppers, you import buyers, when are you gonna wake up and do something for the United States of America,” Welch asks in “Wake Up America.”
“It’s a little bit out there, but we are at a point where we need to be out there. This is our country. This is the USA. We need to act like it is,” Welch said.

A lot of smaller car dealers have a lot at stake in this whole bailout debate. You might hear more of this type of sentiment on the airwaves.



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