Bouldergusky’s Rocky Mountain High

In their January issue, Creativity asked Alex Bouldergusky, “Why Boulder?”

I think because it’s very different from Miami, and we wanted to give our people a choice, an option. In some ways it’s completely opposite from Miami, and that’s good. Also, the Boulder/Denver area didn’t have an agency where we thought we would be stealing their home turf.

I believe Jonathan Schoenberg of TDA may have a slightly different read on this. I’ll call him and report back.
The article also reveals that the genesis of the idea to open a Boulder office came from the preponderance of hurricanes south Floridians have been dealing with, of late.
Bouldergusky will spilt his time between Miami and Boulder, but his kids will attend school in Boulder.
[UPDATE] I just got off the phone with Jonathan Schoenberg. He said he wishes he could be mad (for our sake), but he is not. In fact, he says he’s had a good rapor with CP+B for five years now. Also, that TDA just hired an Art Director from CP+B, and that members of the CP+B staff have, and will continue to speak at CU, where Schoenberg teaches.
Schoenberg said that this development is “good for Boulder,” like any great company coming to town would be. Lastly, he said he finds it humorous that one of Bouldergusky’s motivations for the move is to provide an “affordable” place for his associates to live.

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